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Ovary Articles

Another Of Mum's Little Miracles At The Starter's Gate

THE moment a human egg is released from a woman's ovary has been captured in clear detail for the first time.

Fertility Hope For Cancer Patients

Doctors have grown the world's first embryo from frozen human ovary tissue, raising the strongest hopes yet that the technique could be used to restore fertility in cancer patients whose treatment would otherwise damage the ovaries irreparably.

Monkey Success Offers Hope For Infertile Women

The first successful ovary transplant in a monkey has brought closer the day when infertile women can have babies.

Research Brings Ovary Grafts A Step Closer

Imagine a future where women facing death, illness or menopause could preserve their ovaries - and have them produce eggs - by surgically grafting ovary tissue into the body of another animal or person.

Eggs On Ice For Babies After Cancer

The reproductive capacity of children with cancer could be preserved by removing an ovary or testicle before they have radiotherapy or chemotherapy that could make them sterile.